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With many delightful courses, pure coastal breeze from the Atlantic ocean, great fresh gastronomy and fantastic weather conditions, Portugal is a Golf Bliss for most golfers.


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Portugal Golf Playing & Course Tips

We post here several ways to improve your golf play in and out of Portugal. We suggest you add this page to your favourites or bookmarks in order to check our course & playing tips that are released frequently during the year.

Portugal Course Tips

Alto Golf
Bom Sucesso
Ocean (PDF format)
Old Course
Quinta do Lago North
Quinta do Lago South
Royal (PDF format)
Vale da Pinta


Playing Tips
Improving Your Bunker Skills (PDF format)
Short Game Secrets (PDF format)
Improving Your Putting (PDF format)

Golfing Video Tips

Swing - Arms Falling

Swing - Balance

The Grip
According to most professionals, the grip must be perfect. A 99% good grip is not a good grip, because the way you place your hands is going to dictate the way you are going to swing the club. The index fingers and thumbs of both hands should make no pressure at all because that’s what activates the outside muscles of the arms and shoulders. You really want to use the inside muscles of your arms during the swing.

One needs to accurately repeat the same grip over and over again so that you give yourself a chance to have a consistent swing. We suggest the following drills until you feel more comfortable, it’s better to do them at home, not at the practice range.
Drop your left hand beside your body. Hold the club with center of the grip at 12 o’clock position. You should be able to see the second knuckle of your hand.
Let the tip of the club stick out 2 inch of your hand.
The tip of your finger should touch your hand, without pressing.
This is how you check for the perfect position of the club in your left hand. The club doesn’t fall and stays stable in your hand. The left hand is the leader and is the one that holds the club.
Place the club across the bottom of your right hand fingers.
Place your right hand on top of the left thumb so that it will fit perfectly in the ‘cup’ of the palm of your right hand. At the same time, the little finger slides into the groove between the left hand’s index and the middle finger.
Close the fingers.
Practice with the index and the thumb off the club so that you get used to allow the club to swing freely and without interference of the right hand.



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